Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Working in an office, after the new year is always fun....I think I have written 2012 before correcting it at least 30 times this morning.  I suppose I am just a wee bit distracted.

Today we work on finishing the disability application, medicaid, and then focus on finding some resources to help with utilities, when things get to that point.  The paperwork alone is a full time job.  A friend suggest I get assemble a team of paperwork helpers....I understand that suggestion perfectly now.  I can tell you, just keeping your house and bills straight under immense stress is hard enough....tack on a dozen new jobs and a healthy dose of legal paperwork and consider yourself burnt.  I am just going to keep chipping away at it.  Melissa is actually doing some calling and stuff today too...I hate to even ask her to, as telling the story over and over will eat away at you.  The blog has been a great resource to send people to that want to hear the entire story....so please, share it with friends or anyone who can benefit from it.

I may be on the Channel 6 news tonight...interviewed about the new Superintendent.

I read a great blog today from a long-term terminal cancer patient.


It really hit close to home and put a smile on my face.  Great info...priceless...the cost of such info includes dealing with these kinds of dastardly illnesses directly.  It made me think, I have blogged about my feelings, Melissa's feelings, our drama, how OUR life is affected, without mentioning how hard this must be on friends and family, both close and distant.  Fact of the matter is, until something like this happens to a friend or loved one, it is hard to know what to say or do to help.  I have to say, I am proud of my close friends and family....many have reached out and it means a lot....some have not messaged, called, "liked" a post or anything.  For those who have no idea what to say or do, I understand.  The blog link above can really shed some light on what to say, how to help, and where a cancer patient is during the entire ordeal.

I keep finding myself wanting to put an end-date on the whirlwind brain-cancer crap we are dealing with, when the fact is, this will always be a part of our life now, regardless of outcome.  Under the best of circumstances, we will always have this and other related health issues to deal with.  It is hard to believe that life, as it was prior to this, will never be again...and, if anything, it does put a polish and special shine on what was thought, back then, to not be that great of times...haha...and it is impossible, as well, to look forward to what could come....thus, I now understand the multiple meanings of "One Day at a Time".

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