Tuesday, January 15, 2013


A nice quiet morning. The swelling on Melissa's eye went down. She still has a irritating IV and is ow getting several insulin shots a day...couple at a time. This is only temporary, but does worry me and make me hope the steroids causing the issue will soon be reduced or removed from battery of meds.

She is still kind of unsteady on her feet....so no walking around or getting out of bed without help. She still needs me for a while...but is getting stronger every day. Can't say this hospital stay has been easy on me...but she has no one else and I know she would prefer me over anyone else anyway.

Little man is scheduled to visit this afternoon sometime....he will be happy to see his mommy...though she still has a massive bandage and black eye from hell, doubt he even pays it much mind, besides wanting to kiss her boo boos.

Redskins football via hospital room today! Hope no one is sleeping on this wing....cuz I like to participate while I watch the game.

Well, I was not allowed to get be so loud, though I was certainly screaming at times....But my Redskins did manage to win today.

Melissa got her first warm shower spray today....she had sponge baths before, but it just does not compare to a good hot water shower.

Got our super sweet nurse back tonight. We have had many great nurses....but something is special about her.

Both the anticipation and fear about the pathology results is mounting....another round of prayers and thoughts are in order....yet another D Day for us.

I will be so glad to agent back home...back to routine....he'll, even my little man begged to go home today...and he never wants to leave his grandma and papa's.

They have a nice coffee pot on this wing...wonder if someone is stashing a coffee grinder around here? Got some nice Starbucks coffee in the car. Ya know, I an sure some medical device could grind coffee...though it might kinda be weird.

I will update tomorrow and thought this ordeal until given a completely clear bill of health. I also have pictures that will be posted as soon as I get home.

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