Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I slept good....she did as well, although she is disturbed about every 2 hours or so by nurses.

Blood tests so far have shown some real improvement, infection wise.  Her noise also stopped dripping....which is really good also.  The lump on her head, which she has worn for the past few weeks, is almost gone!  That will really help her feel better about herself.

They are running more tests just to be sure....and we are still awaiting more results on exactly what the fluid from her nose was.  Maybe tomorrow.

I left her at the hospital this afternoon to get little man home.....do some laundry and pack another round of hospital needs to go up tomorrow after work.

It has been suggested that I need to find a way for my blog to be more user friendly....so I will work to find a solution....perhaps a dedicated blog....although, I love the hits to me Redskins blog.  haha....

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