Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Happy Birthday Melissa!  She got a cool portable hard-drive from me.  Our lap top is trash...battery and fan is bad, so it will burn out any day now, so I wanted her to be able to back up all her pictures and such...and it worked like a champ.

Had a nice quiet Birthday/Sunday - video games with the midget and caught up on some TV.

Still researching hospitals...thinking Duke may be the way to go for a serious second opinion....though, I think we plan on giving Massey at VCU and The Thomas Johns Center a try first...but I really think both me and Melissa want total care...not just a generic poison regiment.  "Cookie cutter" treatment is for pimples or tooth cavities, not brain tumors.  We are not going to be treated like "just another patient" in a near impossible battle with a terrible disease.  Boom.

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