Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So, Melissa had a good day...she got to go home last night.  Crazy, though, I can not believe a hospital would discharge a patient at 9pm at night...seemed quite disorganized, but maybe that is what it took to get her out of there yesterday as opposed to today.  Looks like she will be on an antibiotic IV pump until early February, among countless other meds...got our first round of training on that yesterday.  It is a bit overwhelming.  Another round of training today!  Yeah!  I will be an experience RN by the time she is better.  You couldn't pay me to do that kind of work....I respect the crap out of the people who can and do that for a living, but I would not like being a nurse...maybe a doctor, but not the cutting kind.  So, the pump thing...though it allowed her to get home a month quicker, much like weekend jail, it comes with a cost....a stiff one at that!  The copay alone for the pump and service is $72...A DAY!  Ha!  Never spent that much on any one thing my entire life.  I bet there are serious drug addictions cheaper than that thing!  haha...well, that is one way to push me to file her SS application and Medicare.  Shame, because you would think that you may want to retire at some point in life when you beat this thing...hate to use your benefits before the age of 40.  Thing is, I have great insurance...and still treatment and care is not affordable for a major illness, realistically.  Unless this has happened to you, you are likely oblivious of the financial woes when facing a serious medical illness....copays for medicine, office visits, ER visits, hospital stays, home healthcare nurses, and all the other supplies for surviving a medical catastrophe   Our healthcare system is broken....not to say that our coming changes are the answer, but I am glad they are trying something now, because getting sick and almost dying shouldn't cost you every penny you have and destroy your credit...I mean hell, at that point, you are not going to be living comfortably ever again...bares the question, why fight it?  Obviously, you have to, but I tell you, I have known people way more worried about money and finances then I....and I would bet a few of them would think twice before signing away their financial future for a chance at survival.  Lucky for Melissa, my family and friends are worth more than a good interest rate, any day of the week...twice as much on Sunday.

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