Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So, I was evicted from my precious recliner so Melissa could get out of the bed for a while....thus the 6:35am update.

It also seems that the night nurses all seem to be aware of my gas last nigh, as I slept....I suppose Melissa shouldn't be the only one to lose a little vanity.

We had a sweet nurse overnight....shared a k-cup coffee with me this morning....after the embarrassing waking, as Melissa yelled at me for my gas, I suppose I needed a treat. Haha....dang Quiznos.

Played Pandora, set to Counting Crows, but had to wait through a short tour of crappy 90's tunes...Oasis, Wallflowers, Cranberries....and then what I asked for.

When something like this happens to most people it is catastrophic....for us it is about that bad. Friends, family, heck, even people we don't even know have reached out to help. It will be a long time before this is over for us, but it makes any road we face brighter and easier knowing so many people are there to help us.  I will never be able to pay people back....I can't possibly thank anyone who has helped enough. With so much to worry about, it is nice to know we are not alone in this battle.

We are out of ICU....feels like a big step....shower....nice room....private bathroom....very cool. Hope her eye swelling goes down by tomorrow....that would motivate her to walk more. This new room is welcome to visitors, as well....has like 5 chairs...flat screen LCD had tv....iPod doc and stereo junk...that's enough for a party!

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