Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Little man had a good day....got to meet a new puppy of his Sissy's....Grandma took him to the Christmas Parade.  We got our Christmas Tree today, thanks to friends of the family....got it all decked out....even spread some holiday cheer to the crummy wooden rail on the front porch.  First time I have ever had to decorate without Melissa.  Had to relocated and reassemble my Redskins shrine of good Ju Ju memorabilia.  Symptoms were present today, more than ever.  Mood swings, loss of balance, lack of energy....scary.  Not sure if it is meds, tumor, the entire situation, or a combination of all of the above....but I am just trying to remember the situation and work through it.  I wore thin a few times, but the enchaladas from my brother and his wife were pretty incredible....and mix that with a little late night boxing and poof, out in my chair by 10....just like any other night.

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