Monday, January 28, 2013


After all the talk about snow angels, it seems PS3 was more important to little man than snow.  I cooked us some breakfast and we worked on doing as little as possible.  About 4pm he says, "Daddy!  Why didn't you take me outside?" he gazed outside at the snow, that had melted back so the grass was sticking through.  I told him, "You were too busy playing video games."  He replies, "Oh yeah."  Oh yeah....

Melissa has not kept much of a schedule at all...I am sure she gets 10 hrs of sleep, but it may be broken up into 3 or 4 different attempts to sleep....but besides that, these past couple days have been among the most consistent since this whole ordeal started.  Consistent is nice.

The fundraiser on GiveForward has really been doing well!  I have to thank, again, the ones who have donated and shared the link.  Sharing is key!  So please keep sharing the link with friends, family, your church, or anyone you think may consider helping.  The we are only 5% into a pretty large goal...but the early success has me very optimistic.


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