Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We are not the kind of people who take handouts...we are not the kind of people who expect people to do for us...we do for ourselves...with that said, I have to say thank you to the outpouring of love and support I have witnessed so far.  It is hard for me, and especially my wife, to face and thank the ones who have offered financial and emotional support....but know, we thank you ALL.  I really can't put a price on how great it is to tell my wife that she does not have to worry about us losing our house or car over this....and for her to know that things will be ok is priceless to her and our family in general.  Frankly, things would not have been ok without help, or else I would have refused it.

I also want everyone to know she has the best team of doctors I have ever met.  I am not sure if you can call it luck or fate, but we have a great team of surgeons, nurses, and hospital staff that will be making this as comfortable and as "painless" as possible.  First and foremost, I have to think our PCP Dr. Steele...if not for him, well, this could have been well worse.  Dr. Sahni and Dr. Geckle seem to be incredibly well trained and experienced...just nice guys...and have an incredible staff of smart and capable people.  They all work long, hard hours with complicated patients and disorders/problems to treat...and for them to find room for us, now, not later, is incredible.  I think I am, for the first time, truly realizing things will be fine...she will be fine....our family will be fine....and everyone, doctors, family, friends, the Redskins, Redskins Nation of fans...they all have been so great.  I just can't thank people enough.  Still many hard, long days ahead, but with this much support, love, and help there is no question, we will be ok.  Got a few bills paid today too...the other bills were very jealous.  haha.  I played my guitar some tonight....seemed like it had been a while.  Surprised how quick I remembered songs....then saw so many parallels between them and what is going on....I know way to many blues songs.

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