Tuesday, January 15, 2013


She seems to be doing pretty well. Not used to my baby having tubes and hoses hooked to her but she has been awake a few times and everything motor skills wise is working so far....still a ways from walking around though, which could extend her stay some. We will see how thing go today. Nurses are nice, even though she is kinda grumpy from getting checked every hour on the hour.

Ok...it is official....I love the ipad.

Gonna play Melissa some music...try to stir her up some.

The music was the the ticket! She has been lucid and awake a good part of today...talked on the phone...even got up and sat in chair for a minute or so. I am so proud of her. Diner time! She is on a light fluid diet....she is not happy but dealing....Jimmy Johns is her reward....maybe by diner tomorrow.

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