Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Today was a good day.  Met the home healthcare nurse.  No problems administering insulin and meds....keeping a journal of everything she takes and blood sugar.

Plan on doing some research on support organizations for these things tomorrow....breaking research and stuff.

I think she is still kind of numb...not upset, but just still in shock.  She was in good spirits...and ate responsibly today....I was proud again.  Her blood sugar was probably better than mine.

Many friends are worried about me...I can tell you, I am better today.  I realized that there is no reason to get crazy upset right now...I mean, of course I am damn near heartbroken and right confused about what we can do, but there will be much harder days ahead, under the best of circumstances....this will probably be our best days...our best Christmas, and I plan on enjoying it with my family, regardless of any random ass bull shit that is tossed at me.  No nice way to put it, is suppose.

My employer and coworkers have been so understanding...our entire life has been put in a blender, and they have understood...priceless...that is why it is worth working for people who care.  Don't plan on pushing my luck, though....haha....just have to work out the kinks in our new lifestyle and schedules.

For those interested in the technical stuff, her tumor is a Grade 3 Astrocytoma....now, a lot depends on what is left of the tumor, what it is close too, and how that can be treated....we could still be surprised with the surgery....as he could have gotten more than he realized.  We will just have to wait, again, for an MRI....a week or so.  So, effectively it seems all aspects of treatment work in weeks...so I will take that a week a time.  haha....take the rest a day at a time....ok, that is more confusing...who knows?

Having her home has made a real difference in her attentiveness, though she has some disturbing swelling over center area, surrounded by the incision...the nurse thought it was normal...but if it gets worse, I will have to call the doctors.

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