Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Nice, quiet morning. Melissa is more stable on her feet today...took a decent walk.

OT lady describe many of the things they do not want her to do, including lifting heavy weight, bending over, or driving. Not sure when those restrictions lighten up. She also said she needed some supervision...that being alone was not a great idea....gonna have to trap into some friends to assist when we get home...I am beyond both wanting and needing to return to work. My work, and hers for that matter, have been pretty awesome through this. The boss that always seemed to railroad Melissa, who I hindsight was experience tumor symptoms, turned out to have a heart of gold after all, having experienced more than her fair share of hospitals with loved ones. My work has not asked questions and has given me the space I need to take care of my wife....I can not thank them enough, but know they do need me working. My boss might be kind of a difficult guy at times, he understands the need to take care of family, as time like this hopefully do not last forever.

I worry about some of the symptoms I can still see in her....lack of motivation, lack of desire to do things, besides go home....slight confusion and memory issues at times....problems focusing to read and watch tv....still strong as a svelt ox, she is, though....

Yes, Mr. Tom Petty, the waiting is the hardest part....this afternoon we should see our surgeon, hopefully with some great news. Anything short of that would be a hard blow to an already messed up situation.

No pathology results today...maybe tomorrow. Looks like they are aiming to release her tomorrow....no idea of time, but at least we can plan some. I have so much to do to get the house ready....laundry, cleaning, staging furniture, washing the dog, and more....so looks like I may be headed home tonight to get started....probably means I can not work again tomorrow, but does mean I can get back to a somewhat normal routine Wednesday....looking forward to that. I know my son is ready to get home as well.

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