Saturday, January 26, 2013


Well, we are expecting snow.  Little man is pretty excited.  He has a craving for snow angels and he will get his shot Saturday morning.

It started snowing earlier than expected, so school closed early.  I decided to pick little man up because I had more than one reason to go to the school today....I received a damn truancy letter in regards to the absences my son had during my wife's DAMN brain surgery.  What a group of absolute idiots and heartless bastards.  No nice way to put it.  That school....I swore, though, I would be nice....and boy was I!  I spoke with the Principle.  She was near heartless.  She looked at me in a way I recognized...but I will not pull the :"white card" just yet.  I explained the absences, as my wife did, to almost everyone else in the school prior to picking him up, in person....she explained the surgery, diagnosis, and wanted to "make sure it was ok".  The Principle said I should have made an appointment with her to discuss it.  Well, she was not there.  Can't one of the other people in the office explain?  Is this a school are a small Dictatorship?  Communication....these people are scared of this lady and I do NOT blame them.  She is scary.  Needless to say, I told her our story, as best my scrambled mind could remember....reassured her he should not miss any more time, and, well, kissed her ass.  Shame on her...shame on the school system that supports a hateful woman like that....but this is where I live and what comes with it, I suppose.  Gonna be much harder to change that now.  What she did lack to mention, but what I made sure she was absolutely aware of, is that my son has improved in school, despite crowded classrooms and his mom being diagnosed with brain cancer....despite that heartless principle and the fear she casts over her teachers...and despite missing some school, he is working hard and is smart.  Gotta give him some credit.  Lord knows, I have not been 100% at anything, including my Madden, since the first day I found out.  Part of the reason I write this blog is so that, years from now, regardless of where our family ends up, I can look back and figure out how the hell we got here....maybe even help a few others on similar journeys.

Meanwhile, it is snowing pretty good.  Think the midget will be happy with the results.

Then the mail came.  Normally, the mail just means a hand full of bills and ads for thing that want to be bills.  Today was different....there was two packages.  One for me and one for Melissa.  She opened hers to find many hats right down her ally from her Aunt.  The return address on mine....Redskins Park.  A few weeks back I was nominated by a twitter follower for tickets to a game through a non-profit started by Lorenzo Alexander #97, called the Aces Foundation .  I received an email from him stating the tickets were given to someone else, but he had read my blog, was praying, and wanted to send us something.  Weeks went by and I had almost forgotten....almost.  I opened it to find a note from #97 and a signed shirt, with a promise for another shirt in my size.  This is priceless to me....far better than tickets (though, if you reading this Mr. Alexander, I can travel to a game any old time too, haha).  So, I had a pretty strong smile on my face.  Good ending to a long day.

Oh, and Melissa is fine...sleepy but better than ever.  Even helping with her own meds for a change....nice.

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  1. Just to clarify, the hats are from her cousin, Jen, who loves her very much and wanted to brighten her days.