Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Got our son to school and ran back up to the hospital, after a series of errands.  Today we get some answers.  By the time I arrived it was time for yet another MRI before finding out what course of treatment will be suggested.  I brought a arsenal of coloring books, puzzle books, electronics, and clothes...anything I thought would keep her occupied and comfortable.  What the tumor wants, the tumor gets!  It was a long day...due to her risk high of seizure, they would not let my wife off the floor...and she was going stir crazy...not to mention, just wanted a cigarette.  Besides being a long day...this entire thing, from Monday morning on, is fuzzy...this is happening so fast.  So many more questions than answers.  Since she can't smoke, or leave (for that matter), I was sent on a mission for playing cards and an electronic cigarette.  When I came back, I had just missed the doctor again.  This time, he was sure she needed surgery...not a root-canal, but open friggen brain surgery.  The tumor's the size of a tennis ball, taking up most of the right-front lobe of her brain.  Jeez...really, brain surgery?  So, no real choices...and besides that, time seems to be of the essence.  She can no longer drive or work....which we kind of expected, due to seizure risk.  Later we met the surgeon, asked for all the gory details, and was discharged to go home.  She now has more pills than an elderly person to take.  Not sure what we will do financially, as rent, car and other bills are coming due, not to mention Christmas...though, my 1st and greatest concern is about my wife.  As long is she is ok, I could care less about my car, or home....her alive and well is worth the world to me...it is ALL I WANT for Christmas.

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