Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So things are kinda going back to normal...until next week. The "calm before the storm" if you will.  My wife has noticed decreased energy today...stiff legs and a bit of slurred speech...but other than that, today is pretty close to normal.  Some people might bitch and complain about monotony...and I think I did myself before all this...now, it is like a comfortable pair of slippers.  Just gonna be nice to pick up our son and dinner and head home, like any other day.  I would have preferred to spend my time with my wife, as opposed to going back to work, but I suppose bills will not slow down....as a matter of fact, it has become another worry....co-pays and expenses are mounting.  God knows what the surgery will bring us in bills.  I have good insurance, but often, for us real, week-to-week Americans, it does not take much to "sink our ship" financially.  I would do anything for my baby, though...and she is all that matters right now.

I am looking forward to our weekend together, as a family.  Probably get the house in order...get a Christmas tree and decorate.  Little man will love that.  Might be a few weeks, or months, before my wife will be able to do these things again.  I think we both worry about how our son handles this thing, more than how we will handle this thing.  He has experienced so much at such an early age.  Good thing here is that his mommy is a fighter...and really, as bad as it sounds, I just know she is going to be fine.  You can tell doctors feel that same way.

We got the call today...surgery next Wednesday, December 5th.  4-6hr brain surgery...yowzwah!  Things will be fine...but YOWZWAH!  Every step, things become more and more real.

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