Tuesday, January 15, 2013


For the first time in quite a while, probably since this entire tumor thing started, me and Melissa got a decent nights sleep... adjuring to bed around 8:30pm.  It was nice...though, whether she knows or not, I get cold and wake every time she gets up to pee (thanks to Mr. IV pump, it is like she is up drinking water all night long, thus lots of pee-ing)...but even with the disruption, we both managed a good nights sleep for a change.  Much needed....hell, we are almost on the same schedule again.

Our first Christmas Break from little man's school did not go very well, as we seem to have lost both lunch boxes, his homework, and a bunch of pencils...so his first day back, he was pretty bare, as he went in with nearly empty back pack.  I knew about the lunchboxes yesterday, but was not aware of the empty back pack until he came home talking about how he had no crayons or pencils....since we stock up on those, I got him straight.  The lunch boxes, though, look to present more of a challenge and will most likely lead to me cleaning to find them....something I probably need to catch up on anyway.  Oh happy day....between that and the Christmas tree still standing, fully decorated, I have my work cut out for me.

I picked up lunch at my favorite spot, Longstreet's, today.  I have to say, I love that place.  Not just the food or all the wonderful beers on tap...but the people.  It is owned and run by just good people...and good people, when running businesses, seem to surround themselves with good people, and Longstreet's is just that case.  When you spend money there, you are proud to have done so...and you tell friends and visitors just that...."You have to check out Longstreet's."  Old Town is full of those kinds of businesses.....those kind of business owners.  When you spend money at Walmart or Subway, you may have gotten the best bargain for your money, but were you proud?  Did you tell your friends, "You gotta try that Subway....you should take your wife to eat there."  When people talk "Shop Small Business" they mean "Shop Proud"...and that money stays right here in our community....helping good people right near your community, or in your community, or you.

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