Wednesday, January 30, 2013


When something like Brain Cancer invades your families life, you become addicted to learning about the subject...symptoms, treatments, anatomy, and I read this simple phrase...

"You CAN NOT live in fear."  It went on to explain how part of a doctor's job is to treat you as if you will survive....I can not say 100% that we have received that.  It went further to say that living in fear of losing this battle would near ruin the precious time we still have.  Ok, all good and well....mind over matter, I get that...but how?  Every minute of every day...with every breath, I am scared.  Jeez...scared for me, for her, and for our son.  "Cancer Sucks" is the understatement the century.  What I hope is that treatment, scans, SOMETHING will give me the spark I need....because when I think about what really scares me, I can not breathe.

Enough morbid I was so graciously stopped at a green light by a Cowboys fan who insisted I miss the light to spend some quality time looking at his Cowboys stickers....of which he gestured at as soon as I stopped.  Dude a little bitter.

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