Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Monday, Fun-Day...right?

Back to the grind, I suppose.  An icy start to the day caused a late delay for what turned out to be the best roads I have seen in days.  haha....but I suppose it is hard to call when freezing rain is falling at 6am.  Oh well....Mom helped delivery the child to school.

Nurse visits today....more labs.  This time, no needles needed.  Hurrah for the pick line.  It comes out Friday, we hope....as the end of the antibiotics is expected.

Also, hospital bills started arriving today.  Her surgery cost almost 300K, including the hospital stay related to it....but our part was a mere $1,700.  At that point, I mean, really?  You need that 1.7K when you have received payment already for over 99% of that?  Haha...

Now, add that bill to the other 3 hospital stays, tests, and office visits...uh....but, we will pay what we can, when we can, most likely forever...so be it.  I didn't have good credit anyway.  Speaking of credit, the news was talking about a new dating site that matches you based on your credit score.  Ha!  What is next, a dating site of cancer survivors that share matching scares, missing limbs, missing boobs, or huge medical debt?

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