Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Birthday Party tonight!  Longstreets at 6pm!  Special thanks to Longstreets for allowing us to takeover part of their restaurant for the night!  It is my and Melissa's favorite place (no hard feeling to all the other great businesses in downtown).  If you are reading this blog, you are welcome to come!  Should be a little music...grad yourself some diner and a few adult beverages.

Please keep sharing the fundraiser.  Many have helped, donated, or previously lent a hand and I will always remember that.  We still have a battle ahead...no telling how long before she can work again, so the worst days lay ahead and I want to stay out in front of this thing.

Had to head home to chastise my dear wife yet again on abiding by her medications.  This has been hard on her, both of us really, but when it comes down to it, she has to show me she is responsible enough and cares enough about herself to do what doctors ask and take what she is supposed to take WHEN she is supposed to take it.  These antibiotics need to taken on time.  I will step off the soapbox now.

I found the most inspiring blog yet.


Seems she faced a very similar crisis at a very similar age.  She was focused, motivated, and determined to beat brain cancer and is doing just that.  I plan on showing Melissa this blog.

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