Sunday, January 20, 2013


Our roommate cooked a nice breakfast today.  That was nice...allowed me and midget to beat Uncharted 2 this morning.

Melissa did not want to get up...when she did, we noticed some swelling came back, right between her eyes.  Jeez....we just can not buy a break.  We are now hawking her temperature, fearing yet ANOTHER hospital stay.  I like our neurosurgeon and this neuro nurses, but the the infectious disease doctors are really, really letting me down.  I think I may seek a second opinion on treating that if we indeed end up in the hospital again.  Also, for those attending, or planning on attending Melissa's "used-to-be a surprise" birthday party Tuesday may want to check out Facebook and blog posts before heading down....she may end up back in the hospital....I hope not, but if so, I will post it so people know.  One thing is for sure, I called and left some messages in an attempt to light some fires under these doctors.

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