Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Tonight is the BIG FOOTBALL game, Redskins vs Giants, but besides that, it is a typical Monday.  Call me a sap, but I like Christmas music.  A local station had a local artist on, singing a song she wrote, Melancholy Christmas.  Words hit close to home.  Singing Here Comes Santa Claus with my little man was the highlight of the drive to daycare this morning.  Today is "hair cut day" for Melissa...she decided to have a friend cut her hair prior to going in Wednesday.  I am kinda excited about it, though, I do love her long hair.  Maybe there will be a miracle and it will grow back the rich red she has always wanted.

Little man did not make it through the school day.  He is running a decent fever with little other symptoms, but either way, we can NOT afford for Melissa to get sick because it could delay her surgery.  If I get sick, I may not be allowed into ICU...and may also have to stay away from my wife.  Just my luck...which, in case you have not figured it out yet, is absolutely non-existent.  I really can't take more of this.

So little man got even more time out of school...headed to to stay with his other Other Grandparents...where he will be during the surgery ordeal....which happens to be close to the hospital.

The Redskins better win tonight.

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