Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Long, but good today.  Got the meds and the new schedule kind of down.  I stayed up late the night before to memorize everything....study for the pump training we received today.  I got off early to meet the nurse for our training, to find my wife gone and her pump at home....kinda flipped out a little...but we got everything back on track when the nurse arrived.  Training went well...I know can change an IV bag...holla!

Today several friends reached out a helping hand...it is hard to react to, ya know...I mean, no doubt, with the bill we know about the the hoards we have yet to receive, the help is needed and welcome, but I am working hard to stabilize things...we started her disability paperwork...and of course, I have an error to correct on the cryptic short-term disability application....but all in the works to get us in a more manageable situation.  While you guys are praying she will get better, throw a shout-out up there for help on this paper work...it is a nightmare, in of itself.

Nice to have a couple extra sets of hands around the house today...as Melissa's mother and niece (who is also little man's sister) were up to visit, from the great state of Alabama.  They were a ton of help get picking up and helping straighten up...on of the last things on my priority list these days.

Diner today was thanks to Melissa's mom, who made the the best corned beef I have ever had, and I am not a corned beef kinda person, most times.

Set up my Christmas present....a Mr Coffee K-cup brewer....tight!  Seems a little fru-fru, but "I does like my coffee fancy like".  Due to volume restrictions with the new coffee machine, though, and a recent spike in my coffee ingestion, I will not retire my 12 cup pot.

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