Tuesday, January 15, 2013

12/17/2012 - 12/18/2012

Got an email back from the ABTA (American Brain Tumor Association).  They are SUCH a great resource...got confirmation of some of the assistance that was mentioned to me over the course of the last week or so.  Get to fill out my wife's Social Security Benefits Application....didn't expect that one until a little later in life, but so is life...quick and unpredictable.

Yeah!  (drum roll please.....)  Melissa administered her own insulin shot today!!!  (insert crowd cheers here).  Big step!  So proud...every day I am more and more proud of her.

Some people have asked how we met each other.  I met Melissa like 14+ years ago at a guitar jam/party at a friends house...it was the last place on earth I expected to meet a pretty lady, much less fall in love with one.  The person throwing the party, and a few that attended, just don't have the best of luck with women....besides, they were older friends of my parents...it was a long shot, but I woo'd her with just a few tunes.  A couple days later, we met up for our first date.  I had bummed $20 from my dad to cover taking her out...a tight budget even then.  We had a fun night, including me getting ketchup on my shirt (which I do when I am nervous).  Long story short, we spent nearly every day together since.

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