Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Turns out going home was more work than relaxation. Found our heat pump making a noise and the washing machine broke. I needed more to worry about, ya know. Haha, what can ya do?

I showed up to the hospital to find a less than responsive Melissa....probably did not get much rest last night.  She is getting her fair share on insulin shots too, which I am going to guess is contributing to her lack of energy, as her blood sugar surges up and down. I think they could choose better times to check her blood sugar, but I am no doctor.

Speaking of doctors, we are awaiting word from our neurosurgeon in regard to pathology and if other forms of treatment are necessary....I sure hope this is almost over.....Melissa really deserves some positive news.

Nutritionist came by to discuss diet...heart healthy low carb....oh boy. I knew that was coming....but, probably well past due at our house anyway. I have to do some grocery shopping.

I did not have time to post the pictures or check Facebook yesterday, but I will soon. Had some pre-hospital-release cleaning to do...luckily, a friend is sitting at the laundry mat for me now....another is working on the house.

I am preparing for what's hopefully my last hospital meal. Wish me luck.

Ok, I think I have been pretty easy to get along with, but now I am pissed...still no pathology results....nor hope of seeing our doctor until next week....I mean really, I am watching my wife so depressed and tired she refuses to do little more than sleep and eat, and we have to wait even longer....I was sure the first class treatment would wear out eventually. Jeez....going home with scars and absolutely no flipping answers.

House is ready and waiting....and we are still waiting for diabetes training....this condition is a side effect of the medication she is on, not a permanent thing, or at least that is what I was told. They are arranging a home healthcare nurse to check on her also....which puts me slightly more at ease....slightly.

It is officially two weeks to Christmas....I wish the onslaught of BS lightens up some so when can feel some Christmas magic....need it more than ever this year.

To add to matters, because one diabetes person did not make time for us today, I get to figure out how to work out her leaving mid day tomorrow....which results in more time off work....more strain on family member....more expenses....I am very upset. I feel like someone here dropped the ball and of course, the patient and family pay. My son will be very upset.

She should be released tomorrow around lunch time. Our next appointment will be next Wednesday....pathology results and staples out.

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